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Cleaning air ducts 
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O-Maximum :
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O-Maximum’s team includes experienced members in the field of cleaning air ducts for individuals and professionals in the Ottawa - Gatineau area.

Our team of experts will put its savoir-faire, expertise and equipment at your disposal to offer you better air quality in your properties, shops, workshops and buildings.

O-Maximum’s team cares about the indoor air quality of your home or business. Air duct cleaning is carried out using specialized equipment including remote-controlled robots for cleaning commercial air ducts, in order to guarantee a quality, efficient and safe service. O-Maximum supports your air ducts whether you have a home, facility or business to maintain.

Member of the national air duct cleaners association (NADCA)

O-Maximum team includes certified members of the National Association of Air Duct Cleaners. O-Maximum team, as required by the NADCA certification, is committed to always offering you a service of excellence, a quality cleaning and respecting the safety standards in force.

O-Maximum offers air duct cleaning services throughout the region. Before proceeding to the cleaning service O-Maximum team makes a thorough inspection of your ventilation or heating system and notifies you of any existing problem. Before/after photos are provided to all our customers.

Do not hesitate to call us at (613) 228 5680, our team will assist with all your air duct cleaning needs in your residence, cottage, business, restaurant, or any other building.

Why clean air ducts?

Every home and every business, regardless of its surface area, necessarily has air ducts for its heating, ventilation, air conditioning or even its air exchange.

The air ducts are a place of accumulation of dust, bacteria, molds, allergens and pollens. The air ducts also accumulate animal hair when pets live inside dwellings.

Cleaning of the air ducts can be done by yourself, for accessible parts, however the intervention of a professional is recommended for cleaning the air ducts in depth.

For better indoor air quality it is recommended to open the windows as much as possible and to clean and maintain your air ducts at a regular interval and as required.