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Air duct cleaning services
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Air duct cleaning in Ottawa and Gatineau

Whether residential or commercial, air ducts are very important for the proper functioning of heating and air conditioning. It is the air ducts that provide hot or cold air to the plants. For this reason their cleaning and maintenance is very important.

O-Maximum, your air duct cleaning specialist, is a proud NADCA certified and uses the recognized equipment of BIOVAC SYSTEM INC. O-Maximum team will evaluate your hot and cold ventilation system to better serve you. It has the expertise and the right equipment for professional and safe cleaning.

O-Maximum uses two methods of cleaning air ducts. The traditional method is generally used for residential. The specialized method is used for commercial and industrial projects.

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Cleaning air exchangers in Ottawa and Gatineau

If your home or business is equipped with an air exchanger, then you are already concerned about having good air quality at home.

The air exchanger plays a very important role for air circulation and its replacement by fresh air. The air exchanger helps to reduce indoor humidity and minimises energy loss. Frequent cleaning of the air exchanger is recommended for good circulation and indoor air quality.

Whether your air exchanger is connected to the air ducts or separated, O-Maximum team is well equipped to do a professional cleaning of your air exchanger.

O-Maximum team will be happy to advise you on the maintenance of your air exchanger. It will provide you with its savoir-faire and expertise and will answer all your questions.

Cleaning bathroom ventilation ducts in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas

The bathroom is a room that requires a frequent change of air due to the moisture that accumulates there and that must be evacuated to prevent mould. Therefore it is recommended to ventilate this room by opening the bathroom window when possible and by activating the bathroom ventilation system.

The ventilation in the bathroom is used to draw the moist air that accumulates in the bathroom out. Maintenance of the ventilation system is therefore essential to prevent the formation of mould and ensure optimum ventilation operation.

As soon as dust and dirt build up on the ventilation cover, it is recommended to clean the ventilation duct. O-Maximum team will access the outside exit of the ventilation system and use appropriate equipment to clean the ventilation duct in depth.

To avoid the consequences of inadequate ventilation duct maintenance ask our team for quick and effective cleaning.

Cleaning dryer ducts in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas

For both residential and commercial customers, O-Maximum offers its dryer cleaning services in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding area.

Our team will travel to your home with all the necessary equipment for a fast, efficient and professional cleaning of dryer ducts.

Our specialists will inspect the dryer duct(s) being cleaned. They will advise you on the recommended cleaning frequency for safe and optimal use of your dryer.

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What equipment should be used for cleaning air ducts?

Cleaning air ducts requires specific equipment for cleaning air ducts. This equipment differs depending on whether the cleaning is residential or commercial. The equipment includes a remote-controlled robot used for commercial cleaning, a compressor, air hoses, nozzles, whisks and a dust collector.

The robot is used to reach hard-to-reach spaces. It can anticipate and circumvent an obstacle if necessary. Before/after photos are provided to the customer to show the condition of the ducts before and after cleaning.

Our team will move to your home in Ottawa and Gatineau. Our team is committed to your complete satisfaction.

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